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The Programmer's Guide to Java and .NET is a free eBook available in Word or HTML format. I wrote this book in an effort to provide Java and Microsoft .NET programmers a useful reference to both platforms (helping Java developers learn the basics of .NET and vice versa). Similarities and differences between the platforms are covered as well as a detailed history of each. Equivalent classes, methods, and tools are also presented to help developers leverage their current experience to quickly familiarize themselves with the other platform. If you are primarily interested in the Java and C# languages, Chapters 3 through 5 offer a thorough comparison. Happy reading and please feel free to download and distribute this book.

NOTE: This book was originally written in 2003. This was before Java scripting languages like JRuby, JPython, and Groovy were widely available and prior to the many new features offered in JDK 1.5. Therefore, some assertions in this book are now outdated and inaccurate. Unfortunately, I have no plans right now to update the book to reflect the current state of these two platforms (that's just too much work). So, as you read this book, please keep in mind that there are now a plethora of language options for the Java platform (many of which produce valid Java bytecode that can be executed directly by the JVM). In addition, Java is no longer a largely interpreted language. Rather, modern JVMs natively compile and optimize code in order to maximize performance. Finally, several C# features that were not supported by Java in 2003 have been added with the release of JDK 1.5 (e.g., enum support and "for each" loops). For an overview of these new Java features, see the What's New in JDK 1.5 slideshow.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Java and .NET Platforms
Chapter 2 - The Runtime Environment
Chapter 3 - Introduction to Java and C#
Chapter 4 - Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 5 - Programming Structures
Chapter 6 - Platform Tools
Chapter 7 - Common APIs
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