Book Reviews

Inside Servlets was very well received by readers and critics alike. Here are a few selected quotes from book reviews.

Inside Servlets makes an great guide to servlet programming, and is very accessible - even if you've never written a server-side application in another language before. Providing you have some basic Java experience, you'll be servlet programming in no time. It even includes a CD, with all the code examples and sample software. -- David Reilly

Best book I have read in a long time. This is the best book I have read in a long time. It is clear that the author knows his subject well, AND !!! is able to communicate it in a way which is esay to understand and enjoyable to read. This book is superb. Congratulations to an excellent book. This is one of the rare ones. -- Rene Schmitt

This book will help you understand not only Servlets but also JSP and many other related topics that you need to know when building web pages using Java. As you will learn soon, a typical Java web application consists of 3 major components: Servlet, JSP, and JavaBean. You will need to master all 3 of them, and this book will help you learn the most important component of the 3: The Servlet. 10 stars to the author! -- T. Trinh

First rate! This book is just what a technical book should be. The exposition is clear and comprehensive; the layout-typesetting is very easy on the eyes; and the author has a pleasant though no nonsense style that makes this a pleasure to work with. The book provides good background material for the different topics it covers, without spoon feeding or "dumbing down." It goes on to cover advanced topics -- threads, JDBC, JSP -- decently. It doesn't try to be the "be all to end all" regarding these topics, but instead gives the reader a very solid introduction, and enough code to accomplish something worthwhile. I have this book, and the book from O'Reilly; and though I would recommend both, if I had to choose one, this book would win -- no contest! -- Mario Diana

I found this book to be a very good buy. The first few chapters that go over the basic principals behind the internet and web development were well written and informative. But I can see that a more senior developer will probably already know most of it. I usually have a hard time finding a book that falls in the middle between novice user and hard core expericended developer But with this book, it hits the middle spot perfectly. I'm currently developing using jsp's and servlets and this book has been a good reference to me as well. -- Luc Richard

Without knowing much about internet programming or servlets, with this book I was able to get up to speed quickly on both subjects. It includes an excellent review of internet technologies as well as great coverage of servlets and JSP. And, unlike some books I've seen, all of the code examples actually compile and run! -- Jason Simpson

The book covers detailed analysis on servlets programming and interfacing with database. It clearly explains each concept that is essential for programming with Servlets. I feel, this is a must-read book for medium level programmers for acquiring a high degree of programming prowess in order to become veterans. -- Murali R.V

Great book. Period. This is an excellent book that gets your hands dirty and gets you going in writing simple servlets in a matter of hours. The examples are short and best of all they work. -- Raad Yacu

The author has a great style and the book gives us a very good introduction to the Web world with not easy to find information. -- Mario de Sa Vara